VIP Items 2024 - Model Life

Hey VIP Models,

Exciting news! We have new VIP gifts waiting for you, right here! The gifts from 2023 are outdated, but who knows, they might become popular again in the future.

Let's leave the past behind and embrace the fashion of 2024. It's all about being stylish this year!

There are countless possibilities for creating and decorating your own Unitz to add even more style to Woozworld!

Use your VIP Tokens to grab things like catwalks, paparazzi, poseZ, and even a bigger car, so you can go for a ride with all your friends!

Just like last year, you'll get VIP Tokens in the middle of your VIP month.

Check out your achievements to see how close you are to getting more cool stuff.

PoseZ, model, and have a blast!

Woozworld Staff

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