VIP: I'm With Cupid Contest

Get Cupid out of here, Woozens!

Valentine's has come and gone, but Cupid is still actively trying to force love between Woozens. He isn't thinking whatsoever and, to be quite frank, he's being a real Cupid-head about it. It's time to capture him and put an end to his shenanigans!

Starting today (Feb. 15) until Feb. 26, Cupid will be appearing in Unitz that have at least 10 Woozens in them. When he appears, click (or tap if you're on the App) him until he's captured. The Woozen that successfully captures him will become a GIANT. He won't stay long so make sure to be quick!

There will be an I'm With Cupid leaderboard for you to follow who's in the lead with the most Cupids captured. The leaderboard will reset every day at 12PM WT and prizes will be sent automatically.

The Woozen at the top of the leaderboard will get 5,400 Wooz + 1 of 8 Valentine's Mannequin Pods. The following top 10 (2nd to 11th) will get an outfit at random from the newest collection + 1,280 Wooz.

Get out there, Woozens, and capture that Cupid!