VIP Gifts: Clarification

VIP Woozens,

You may have heard that we're changing up the way we give out our VIP Woozens their monthly gift. We've heard your concerns, and we're here to clear a few things up...

Question 1: Will I still receive my VIP Hairs?

The answer is YES! VIP Woozens will continue to receive their VIP Hairs up until the VIP Gift 82.

Question 2: Will there be new VIP Hairs created?

There will NOT be more VIP Hairs created, however, once you reach VIP Gift 82, you will be able to Craft allllll of the VIP Hairs from the past.

Question 3: Will I receive VIP Achievements?

We will be creating some new Achievements for our VIPs to let you flaunt your VIP status! Whether you've been a VIP for a year or a month, you'll receive an Achievement at different milestones to give you some serious bragging rights!

Question 4: What are the Gold'N items I can Craft using VIP Resource Tokens?

Check out the Crafting Table in the Crafting: VIP Gifts 2022 Unitz and find out for yourself!

Question 5: Will I get anything special if I've been VIP for longer?

Yes, indeed! When you reach VIP Gift 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, you will be able to craft to a VIP Mystery GrabZ with the last 12 MONTHS of VIP Hairs! Basically, every year that you are a VIP, you will have access to a Mystery GrabZ containing all of the VIP Hairs from that year!

We hope that clears things up!


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