Valentine's Events

Lovey-dovey Woozens,

Love is in the air, and we can't get enough! Whether you're looking to celebrate with friends or go on a stroll through Lib Street Park with your crush, we've got some lovely activities headed your way!

Here's what's happening this month in Woozworld:

Cupid BestiZ is baaaaAAaaaack! A beloved BestiZ and their twin will be making a striking comeback. Not only are they flying back to Woozworld, but they've also learned a few more impressive tricks. Of course, even Cupid BestiZ need to relax here and there...So, keep your eyes peeled for some very *special* Cupid BestiZ Furniture in ShopZ!

We know what you're thinking...Where will I keep my Cupid BestiZ happy? Why, in their dream home, of course! That's right, we wanna see you design the perfect dream home for your new BestiZ in the Cupid BestiZ Unitz Design Contest! Design the perfect home and you could win some sweet, sweet Wooz AND and an *epic* item from the Valentine's 2022 collection.

We love the gift of GrabZ around here! Keep your eyes on the Valentine's Mystery GrabZ for some brand new items to go with your lovey-dovey style. Didn't manage to grab your fave item? Fear not! Some of your fave GrabZ items from the past will be making their way directly to ShopZ!

But wait...there's more!

This Valentine's, we're taking you to the land of love! Check out the brand new furniture line full of romance, architecture, and history...and did we mention love?

So...Where are we taking you this year? Well, our lips are sealed for now, but we KNOW you'll fall head over heels!

A bientôt,

Woozworld Staff

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