ValeNOPE Contest: Where Do You Stand?

Lovely Woozens,

As you know, the Woozband has decided to set sail on the H.M.S. Valenship for Valentine's Day. It seemed like the perfect option for them to be able to celebrate the holiday the way they each wanted to; Max and Jenny with romance, and Jay and Mya with friendship. But... The ship's owner, known simply as Her Majesty, didn't think about how these opposing Valentine's Day ideas might clash.

See, the Valentiners, deeply in love and ready for romance, pity the Palentiners, who have no romantic love and might be #foreveralone. On the contrary, the Palentiners, who value their freedom and just wanna have some fun with their friends, are finding the Valentiners a biiiiit obnoxious with their over-the-top declarations of romantic love.

Can you see where this is going?

Words were exchanged, doors were slammed, passive aggressive social media posts were made... And now the Valentiners and the Palentiners aren't exactly friendly.

As you know, Max and Jenny lean more toward the Valentiners' side and Jay and Mya are more on the Palentiners' side. This has created an awkward divide during what was supposed to be a fun getaway.

With the feud in full force, rumours have been flying and each side wants to prove that they're happier than the other. How are they gonna prove it, you ask? With a little (un)friendly competition, of course!

Hearts will be appearing around Woozworld in Valenship and Karuz Unitz; some representing the Valentiners and some representing the Palentiners. Each team will have to capture the hearts of the opposing team, meaning the Valentiners are going after the Palentiner hearts and vice versa. Every heart captured by the opposing team is worth 5 points. You can also defend your team by collecting your own team's heart, but they'll only add 1 point to your teams total.

The team that collects the most points by the end of the competition will receive an exclusive title and trophy! There will also be rewards for those who have collected the most points:

-The top point-collector on EACH team will receive 8,400 Wooz + ALL OUTFITS from the first and second new collections of February! 10 random collectors will also receive this prize.

-The following top 10 point-collectors (those from 2-11 on the leaderboard) on EACH team will receive 1,280 Wooz + a random outfit from the second new collection of February.

Now that you know what's been going on... It's time to choose your side and start defending your right to celebrate Valentine's Day the way you want!

Oh... And happy Valentine's Day, Woozens!

Your Divided Woozband