Block Feature Update

Good news, Woozens!

We've been doing some reviewing and trying to think of ways to improve existing features. One thing we've been able to do is enhance our Blocking feature. When you block someone, we want to make sure that Woozens can no longer get in contact with you. That being said, we've made some changes to better serve you!

Here's what's changed:

- You will no longer see the chat bubble or chat history of a Woozen you've blocked when you're in the same Unitz

- If a Woozen you've blocked sends you trade and/or relationship requests, they will be automatically rejected

- Woozens you've blocked will be barred from entering your Unitz while you're in them (they'll still be able to join queue if your Unitz is full, but will be automatically kicked as soon as they can enter)

We hope that these improvements will help you to feel safer and more comfortable when you're in Woozworld!

Go forth and play safely :)