Unitz Design: Royal Visitz

Hey Woozens!

Suuuuuuuurely you've heard all about The Royals making their way to Canada! Obviously, we at Woozworld couldn't be more stoked!

So stoked that we wanna have a Royal Unitz Visiting Party! Your fave Woozworld kweens, Yada and iCaramba are going to be checking out some of your Royal Unitz!

To be part of the party, throw together a Royal Unitz using stuff from the Royalty Furniture category of Shopz. And what's a Royal party without a Royal Outfit!? That's right, a peasant party. Adjust your crown and get royally dressed up for the occasion! Throw together an outfit using stuff from the Royalty Clothing category of Shopz and get this party started!

Yada and Cara will be making their rounds on Monday (January 20), sooooooooooo, if you want them to come to your Unitz, make sure you include Royal Unitz in the name!

Everyone who joins the party will receive a sweeeeet gift from your kind kweens!

See you Monday, Woozens!

Yada & Cara

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