Unitz Design: Poppin' PearlZ Winner

Hey Woozens,

As you know, we've asked you to get your scuba gear on and start hunting for Clams & PearlZ! You may remember that we asked you to design a perfectly pearly Unitz using a mix of PearlZ Furniture that you crafted yourself with your Clams & PearlZ resources (You could add other stuff, too, of course!)! We've narrowed it down to our top Unitz and 10 runner-ups!

Congrats to our winner!

SignaCrystals's Unitz

And a huge congrats to our runner-ups!

Glove's Unitz

EquallyDivided's Unitz

LyrisValkyrie's Unitz

moonlander's Unitz

Scorpiosapien's Unitz

haak0's Unitz

-kitara's Unitz

Kyewtie's Unitz

Constellati0ns's Unitz

Politeia's Unitz

Make sure you visit these shimmery, shiny PearlZ Unitz by clicking on the links above :) Enjoy your Wooz prize, winners!

Thanks, Woozens!