Unitz Design: Prom Party Winners

Hey Woozens,

Prom season is heeeeereeeee and we wanted to give you the chance to create your very own Prom Party! Using anything from the Prom Furniture category of ShopZ, we turned to you yo throw together a perfect Prom party! (You could use other furniture too, of course!) We got a ton of entries, so you know this was not an easy decision! We've narrowed it down to our Top 3 and 10 Runner-Ups!

Check out our faves below.

CONGRATS to our Top 3 Unitz

--jevily--'s Unitz

shotcaller's Unitz

iLucy's Unitz

And a huuuuge congrats to our 10 Runner-Ups!

Josh555's Unitz

-kitara's Unitz

Cynicals's Unitz

Delusiions's Unitz

undesolate's Unitz

isthereloveleft's Unitz

xIneffable's Unitz

Gabzox's Unitz

-----Ariianaa--'s Unitz

-Cindiv-'s Unitz

Be sure to check these Prom Unitz out by clicking on them above :) Enjoy your Wooz prize, winners!