Unitz Design: New Year's Party Winners

Hey Woozens!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! New year, new u...nitz, right?! To celebrate ringing in the new year, we asked you to throw together a pumped up party! We asked you to design your very own New Year's Eve party using a mix of items from the New Year's Furniture category of ShopZ (You could use other stuff, too!). We got a ton of entries, so you know this was not an easy decision! We've narrowed it down to our Top 5 and 20 Runner-Ups!

Check out our faves below.

CONGRATS to our Top 5 Unitz

Bonzai's Unitz

breeanuh's Unitz

isthereloveleft's Unitz

-kitara's Unitz

-mayfair's Unitz

And a huuuuge congrats to our 20 Runner-Ups!

Josh555's Unitz

-Ariter's Unitz

bastiipogi14's Unitz

Absurdity's Unitz

sylvestre's Unitz

Raelovespell's Unitz

redmercy's Unitz

iloveyewtube's Unitz

Skoosh's Unitz

-X-Sting-X-'s Unitz

Touchee's Unitz

Eksik's Unitz

erxcr's Unitz

Timmmyyy's Unitz

jae-'s Unitz

Arachni's Unitz

vlntage's Unitz

twizzler37's Unitz

Shane546's Unitz

Edson's Unitz

Be sure to check these gorgeous NYE party Unitz out by clicking on them above :) Enjoy your Wooz prize, winners!