Unitz Design: Fall Festival Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know, Woozworld just closed it's first ever Fall Festival! We asked you to design your very own gorgeous Fall Festival using aaaaanything from the Fall Furniture category of ShopZ (You could use other furniture too, of course)! We got so many entries, so you know this was not an easy decision! We've narrowed it down to our Top 5 and 20 Runner-Ups! If you missed the festivities, don't worry, you can also check out all of the Fall Festivals from the event!

Check out our faves below.

CONGRATS to our Top 5 Unitz

Bonzai's Unitz

nxra's Unitz

Pisanthropobia's Unitz

Leilaverne's Unitz

x3--ash--x3's Unitz

And a huuuuge congrats to our 20 Runner-Ups!

nightmarish's Unitz

BubblesAreCool's Unitz

Stargazing's Unitz

hxrmes's Unitz

SG's Unitz

cakeds's Unitz

-Jillianna's Unitz

Angela553's Unitz

JonLyrick's Unitz

shotcaller's Unitz

iLucy's Unitz

Casaundra's Unitz

hazelmay's Unitz

Charlotte286's Unitz

vlrgodoll's Unitz

rhea304's Unitz

-Blythe-'s Unitz

sincities's Unitz

bellabookinrox's Unitz

BrokenCD's Unitz

AND we can't forget our lucky 13 from the Fall Festival Event!

LordOfOrder's Unitz

Josh555's Unitz

explosives's Unitz

rations's Unitz

Amazonidy's Unitz

Alyxae's Unitz

xCherryCola's Unitz

-kitara's Unitz

scorpiodoll's Unitz

xEnce's Unitz

Earlene's Unitz

Danibread's Unitz

iBree's Unitz

Be sure to check these fantaaaaastic Fall Festival Unitz out by clicking on them above :) Enjoy your Wooz prize, winners!