Unitz Design: Earth Day Winners

Hey Woozens,

As you know, Wednesday was the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! To celebrate, we asked you to decorate the Grassy Island Unitz and show off your love for Mother Nature! You could use aaaanything from the Earth Day Furniture category of Shopz (You could use other stuff too, of course!). We got a ton of Earth-lovin' Unitz, and we've narrowed it down to our Top 3 and 10 Runner-Ups!

Check out our faves below.

CONGRATS to our Top 3 Unitz

shinoni's Unitz

Jenav's Unitz

shotcaller's Unitz

And a huuuuge congrats to our 10 Runner-Ups!

Charlotte286's Unitz

Elena210's Unitz

x3-Fashion-x3's Unitz

Aggravated's Unitz

angelicism's Unitz

MistyMarks's Unitz

JailenSlays's Unitz

Miss5's Unitz

Peiyic's Unitz

Nestling's Unitz

Be sure to check these beautiful Earth Day Unitz out by clicking on them above :) Enjoy your Wooz prize, winners!