Unitz Design Contest: Cupid & Odi's Dream home

Designer Woozens,

Have we got a Unitz Design Contest for YOU!

As you know, Cupid and Odi, the cutest little Valentine's BestiZ are back and they wanna show off their amazing new skills in the comfort of their own home...their dream home, in fact!

You may have noticed that there are some brand new *special* furniture items in ShopZ to help your Cupid and Odi BestiZ improve their flying and shooting skills. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Cupid and Odi are looking to practice and improve their new skills in the privacy of their very own dream home. This is where you come in...

This weekend we're giving you 72 hours to design a lovely dream home for your new BestiZ. You can make a Unitz super lovey-dovey for Cupid, super solitary for Odi, or even use the best of both worlds and create a Unitz that will bring these two siblings together!

Winners will win an extra sweet reward! Each will walk away with 5,000 Wooz, Cupid AND Odi BestiZ as well as a pair of Epic wings that will appear in the GrabZ next week.

All you have to do to submit is head to the Contests section of the Navigator and add your Unitz under the Cupid & Odi Unitz Design Contest pod!

As always, don't forget to read the rules before submitting your Unitz.

-Your submission must respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct

-Your Unitz must be submitted by Monday, February 7 at 9 AM WT

-You must use furniture items that are created for the Cupid and Odi BestiZ from the BestiZ Toys category of ShopZ

-If you won the previous Unitz Design Contest, you are not eligible to win

Good luck!