Trick or Treat!

Spooky Woozens,

The sensitivity of reality between Woozworld and Zoomworld increases during Halloween, and with the presence of monsters emitting bad vibes, it is expected to receive more visitors.

Mysterious glowing blue doors have started appearing throughout Woozworld, and they lead to Zoomworld!

Zoomens celebrate Halloween every day in their world and they love sharing their treats.

If you manage to find a special door, they might even have something extra for you!

Therefore, make sure you knock on some doors before they disappear after October 31st.

Moreover, we have introduced a new feature in our mini-games - the better your score, the better the prizes you'll receive.

So, get ready to go door to door, collect lots of sweets, and score high in the mini-games!

Speaking of SpellZ, Sowilo has conjured up a super-fun activity for everyone!

Get ready for the first-ever Spell Wars! You'll have the power to cast SpellZ on other Woozens, but only in Camp Woozlympus.

It's going to be a party!

Have a spooktacular Halloween, Woozens!

Woozworld Staff