Treasure Thursday: Heterochromia Day Winners

Hope you learned something about heterochromia, Woozens!

On Thursday, we asked you a special, heterochromia-related question! It was:

What 70s glam rocker has one pupil that's permanently dilated (which has confused fans into thinking he has heterochromia)?

And the answer was......

David Bowie

Did YOU answer correctly? Congrats if you did!

Now, as you know, each Treasure Thursday will have one grand-prize winner, as well as 10 runners-up, all chosen at random from those who answered correctly.

Today, the runners-up are....

  • Romanz
  • Kyle0695
  • divacraze
  • Radarpinky-
  • gummybeargum
  • Molly998
  • Rickyvih-BackUp
  • peachycute
  • dyesebelmermaid

You just won 2,000 Wooz!

And the lucky grand-prize winner is....


You just won 8,000 Wooz!

Congrats to all of this week's winners!

Come back next Thursday for another chance to win big at.... Treasure Thursday!