Top Toppings!

Hey Woozens!

Have you got pizza on the brain? We sure do!

As you remember, we were curious about your go-to pizza slice and we had asked you to send us your faaaaaave pizza toppings (For science). Congratulations, you have left us craving some 'za!

We've calculated the results and have found the top ten toppings for your next deeeeelicious pizza!

Here are the Top Pizza voted by YOU!

1. Cheese, cheese, cheese, and extra cheese

Of course, pizza ain't pizza without some cheese! Some of you like to keep things classic and enjoy a plain and simple cheese pizza...or add an extra cheesy layer..or two.

2. Pineapple


3. Pepperoni

Pepperoni is definitely the top choice for meat! It's simple, delicious, and goes with aaaaany other topping...According to some of you, it even goes well with pineapple. ;)

4. Ham

A Hawaiian pie isn't complete without some good ol' fashioned Canadian bacon AKA ham!

5. Bacon

Bacon belongs on everything, d'uh.

6. Chicken

One of the most versatile meats for your next pizza pie! You can jazz up your pizza with so many different flavours! Try out some BBQ, Mediterranean, or even garlic chicken on your next slice.

7. Olives

Green, black, red, kalamata...all good choices! Just make sure you add extra!

8. Sausage

A meat-lovers pizza isn't complete without the star of the show, sausage!

9. Mushrooms

No veggie pizza is complete without some deeeeelicious mushrooms!

10. Onions

Red, white, green, caramelized...Which are your fave onions? It doesn't matter, they are all delicious!

Thanks for all of your insight, Woozens! Now, if you'll excuse us, we're just going to go stuff our faces with various pizza combos.

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