Time To Strike A PoseZ

You've heard of MoveZ... But, have you heard of PoseZ? Well get ready Woozens because they're here!

You are able to use PoseZ to make a statement and further stand out of the crowd.

You'll be able to find PoseZ in the same place as MoveZ, but there's a key difference. As you know, MoveZ have a start and an end, but PoseZ will stay in effect until you walk or rotate. That's right; you don't need near-impossibly perfect timing to snap the posed pic of your dreams with PoseZ!

With this update, however, you may have noticed that the skateboarding MoveZ are currently unavailable. Due to some technical complications, we had to remove them... For now.

We can't wait to see you strike a PoseZ!

Your Forever Posed Woozband

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