The Zyxalarian Royalty

Greetings to all our beloved Woozens!

We have had a remarkable month together, during which we have learned a lot about you and your love for fashion.

Our bond has only grown stronger. We are now thrilled to announce the winners of the royal nominees.

It was a challenging decision to make, given your exceptional taste in fashion and remarkable writing skills!

So here they are, the 20 new members of Zyxalarian royalty.


''Even we faced criticism always remember to never give up on the things that made you happy the most''


''It is important to recognize that progress comes in many forms, and it should not be measured solely by the number of contests won or accolades received.''


''We should be a community of celebrating each and everyone's creative capabilities. No doors should be closed especially to those who would want to try creating something.''


''Whether you take off and become a shining star, or crash and burn like a meteorite, you should never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.''


''Remembering that everyone was once new to the community, helping each other along the way of our experience is a vital aspect of a woozen. ''


''Hopefully ensuring that Woozworld is a place where friendship can continue to thrive for both new and old members of the community. ''


''Show Respect, give Respect, embrace Respect not only to the Woozworld Community, but also to the people around you, despite where they came from''


''Together, we will uncover the secrets of creation, sparking our imagination and releasing creativity to spread joy throughout our community.''


''Let us learn from the Zyxalarians and embrace unity while celebrating fashion as a form of self-expression.''


''I want to encourage everyone to come together and celebrate this event with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm, regardless of their background. ''


''I believe that creating opportunities for woozens to connect with one another is essential for building a strong and supportive community.''


''Art, in all forms that we have been able to create on this platform, whether it is in the form of a video, drawing or unit design, is a fundamental part of WoozWorld''


''This is not all about the exposure and fame which some others think yet it is all about being a good influence and being good to others and to the community.''


'' Respect. It shows how we value one another as individuals. Our rights, our dignity and overall who we are as a human being. We accept each other for who we are, regardless of our personal beliefs.''


''There is nothing more Royal and Regal than showing kindess! ''


''A ruler who inspires others through their self-expression, undeterred by shallow judgments, is the epitome of ideal leadership''


''We put our differences aside and joined our hands to work together; thus, we can enjoy this beautiful Zyxalarian ball as one of the same kind.''


''Giving to others , no matter what their circumstance is , gives me a sense of joy.''


''I would be a role model for the newer Woozens and inspire them to try hard and win other many contests and follow the code of conduct.''


''In addition to not altering me in any way, becoming a member of the nobility will also make me feel more obliging to the needs of the community. ''

Congratulation to ALL the nominees!

We hope you have had a great time at the Bal this season.

Keep watching as the summer has just started in your World!