The Woozband is Back!

Brave Woozens,

You saved us! We can't thank you enough.

Turns out "Her Majesty" (AKA the Queen of Hearts) didn't invite us to the H.M.S. Valenship out of the kindness of her heart... In fact, it was just the opposite. She wanted to cause a rift between us with that Vals vs Pals contest and, sure, we did get a little annoyed with one another on the ship, but at the end of the day, we're friends and nothing is going to change that.

When her contest didn't work, she decided to REALLY take things up a notch. One minute we were chilling on deck and the next, we were being kidnapped by her Army of Cards! Apparently, the Queen of Hearts wasn't too happy that her plan didn't work out, so she decided to "eliminate" us instead. She didn't count on Woozens to save us, though!

Again, we can't thank you enough! Also… We hear that Woozarazzi had a big part in our rescue, too, so, thank you, 'Razzi.

We feel like we've missed so much, but we heard you were in great hands with YadaYada. She's been catching us up on everything and we just can't wait to get back in the swing of things!

Hope to see you all very soon!

Your Grateful Woozband

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