The Voices of the NationZ

Hey there, awesome Woozens!

Hi, it's Mel Odious. I'm taking a quick break from my busy schedule to present you with an exciting challenge.

You know I'm always on the lookout for the best acts for my super-fun NationZ Fest. And guess what? When it comes to incredible music, who do we think of? Singers, right?

Looking for talented singers and lyric writers! Take your favorite song and give it a Woozworld twist.

Create a video performing your new version and submit it for review. Winners will be chosen by me and my assistants.

The songs that show off your creativity will win you a whopping 10,000 Wooz, 200,000 Beex, 100 Fame Tokens, 100 Points of Fame, and a special title to show everyone in Woozworld that you're the real Voice of the NationZ!

Think you're up for the challenge? Just click HERE to send in your musical masterpiece. Oh, and make sure you follow these important rules:

- Your entry has to be respectful and follow the Woozworld rules.

- To enter, pick a famous song and give it your own Woozworld twist.

- Your video can only have Woozworld stuff in it, like avatars and cool things from Woozworld (you can use fancy effects and edits if you want!).

- You can only send in one song, and it needs to have you singing along in the video.

- If your song matches the style of the NationZ you're representing, you'll have even more chances to win!

- Remember, this contest is all about how creative you can be in Woozifying a song. Having a great video and singing well is awesome, but it's just a bonus.

- This is a solo project, so it's all you!

-Your video should be no longer than 5 minutes

- Don't forget to send in your awesome song before September 3rd.

You can't submit the same song in Solo and in the band contest.

Your group may include people from other teams/Nationz.

Rock on like a superstar,

Mel Odious - Cool, good-looking, and a great singer