The tale of the Egg in the Mine

Gold-diggin' Woozens,

How's it going? It's your ol' pal, Mr. O'Neil, here!

Boy, I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work you did down in the Mine. My crew was pretty lucky to have you there!

Now, I'm not one for believing rumors or anything, but of course, I'd heard the tales of the creature in the Mine. My crew and I spend so much time down there, that I thought "There's NO way a ferocious beast could be living down here. It's much too cramped!"... but thanks to you, we made a WILD discovery!

You maaaay remember deep in the Mine there was a... mysterious looking fellow guarding an egg. We're not sure how this masked stranger made it down there. Perhaps there's another path somewhere else...

Anyway, we caught a glimpse of the egg and decided to do some investigating of our own. This egg, while it has fossilized now, is believed to belong to an evil dragon that went by the name "Draco".

According to the ancient rumors, some tens of thousands of years ago, Draco was considered an honourable catch for the Woozens of Woozworld. It was believed that whoever could slay Draco, would become the ruler of all NationZ.

Many hunted down Draco, but none could prevail. This lead the Woozens to join forces, and thus, 3 Dragon Houses were created.

The first, Vulcan Soar. The second, Forest Fyre. The third, Frost Flame.

Unfortunately, that's all we could dig up...but it's pretty interesting, dontcha think? If you find anything else about the Dragon Houses, my crew and I would love to hear about 'em!

Well now, don't be a stranger. Pop by the Mine anytime!

Mr. O'Neil

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