The Sweet Times: Times Not So Sweet

Candiworld-loving Woozens,

As you know, there's been some trouble brewing in the sweetest place in Woozworld.

Things started to get weird in Candiworld after the appearance of a mysterious, new fairy... The Tooth Fairy. You've heard of her, right? You lose a tooth, you put it under your pillow, it's replaced by money in the morning, etc., etc., yada, yada, yada. This Tooth Fairy, though... Well, she's a little different (as you might have guessed from our interview with her.)

For instance... She's OBsessed with teeth. Like obsessed-obsessed. Perfect, pearly-white teeth. Sure, it's her job to collect them, but her obsession goes above and beyond normal Tooth Fairy duties. In fact, this Tooth Fairy claims she came from her home NationZ of Mystic Alley to Candiworld to spread the good word about dental health.

And, it makes sense right? A world LITERALLY MADE OF CANDY might need to be reminded of the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. She seems nice enough. She's cheerful, passionate and friendly. She talks to everyone she meets and has a voice like honey. But...

Ever since she's been flitting around Candiworld smiling and spreading the "good word," things have been a little... Rotten.

Things have been going missing and we are not talking about baby teeth. At first, it was a shrub here, a flower there, even a few cobblestones. But it's gotten much, much worse. Some of Candiworld's most beloved residents have since gone missing as well. Pip, Caddie and Chip haven't been seen in days and now we're getting reports that even Mayor Gateau hasn't been spotted in awhile either.

Now... We can't be 100% positive that the Tooth Fairy has anything to do with any of this mysterious business, but in her interview, she mentioned meeting with all these missing residents. A tad sus, no?

What do YOU think has been going on in Candiworld? Is the Tooth Fairy staining Candiworld's sweet population or something else after this sugar?

In the meantime, until we get some concrete answers, make sure you check out the newest Quests in your Quest Journal to keep up-to-date with the investigation.

Good luck out there and stay sweet!

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