The Sweet Times: Missing Residents Located (Sort of)

UPDATE: WOW! You all worked together and SERIOUSLY pulled through. Chip, Caddie, Pip and Mayor Gateau have all been returned to their former, delicious selves. Great job!!

Candiworld-loving Woozens,

We have some good(ish) news and some bad(ish) news.

The good(ish) news? We've located Candiworld's missing residents!

The bad(ish) news? They aren't quite themselves. Let us explain.

So, as we all know by now, Chip, Caddie, Pip (the pep!) and Mayor Gateau all went missing recently. And, as you all know, they haven't exactly been easy to find.

But... We found them. Would we say they're okay? Not sure. But they're definitely healthy.

See, Chip, Caddie, Pip and Mayor Gateau... There's no easy way to say this, so here it is: they've been turned into vegetables. Like actual living, breathing vegetables.

Chip has turned into a radish.

Caddie is now a leaf of spinach.

Pip, sadly, is an onion.

And Mayor Gateau is living life as a carrot.


Well, we have a theory.

Chip, Caddie, Pip and Mayor Gateau all have the exact same story: they were living their lives, minding their own business when they met the Tooth Fairy. They all said that after exchanging pleasantries with her, she began to lecture them about the importance of good oral hygiene. When she started talking about how candy and sweets are the #1 reason behind dental decay and that children should only be eating sugar free snacks (such as vegetables) each and every one of them reported having an uneasy feeling. That's when, suddenly, everything went blank and when they came to, they were in a new, far less delicious, vegetal state.

Now, we don't know HOW the Tooth Fairy could do such a thing, but we do know that this link cannot be ignored. She MUST be the one behind this! We knew there was something off about her obsession with good oral hygiene, but we never could have foreseen this.

Of course, Woozens, we need your help to get Chip, Caddie, Pip and Mayor Gateau back to their usual sweet selves. Soon, you'll find some instructions in your Quest Journal about how exactly you can help. We know we can count on you and we'll be sure to reward you accordingly.

Stay sweet.

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