The Sweet Times: Meet the Tooth Fairy

Candiworld-loving Woozens,

We have a new visitor in town that we'd like you to meet: the Tooth Fairy!

We here at the Sweet Times, Candiworld's foremost newspaper, were...lucky enough to sit down with this luminescent fairy and get to know her a bit. It was... Interesting.

Sweet Times (ST): We're so pleased to have you in Candiworld, Ms. Fairy! May we call you Ms. Fairy?

Tooth Fairy (TF): I'd prefer if you just called me Tooth Fairy. Thank you.

ST: Okay, will do! So, Tooth Fairy, what brings you to our sweet slice of paradise?

TF: Why, the ongoing fight for dental health! It's something many overlook, but it is so important. Pearly-white teeth make for a most beautiful smile!

ST: Of course! We here in Candiworld couldn't agree more, though we do think that true beauty comes from within :)

TF: *nods* Of course you do. But nice, healthy teeth sure don't hurt! You know what does hurt, though? Unhealthy teeth. Sensitive teeth. A sweet tooth.

ST: Right. So, Tooth Fairy, where are you visiting us from?

TF: I'm originally from Mystic Alley, but that's just boring. I'd rather talk about your lovely, sickly-sweet world.

ST: Oh, um, okay. What has your favourite part of Candiworld been so far?

TF: Why, the residents of course! Everyone is just so... Sweet.

ST: Hah, good one. Who have you met so far?

TF: Well, I of course met Mayor Gateau! What a slice. I also met a little peppermint named Pip. He's a real treat! I'm hoping to tour your chocolate factories soon, too. Hersh and 'Bury, I believe they are called?

ST: Yes, exactly. You seem to know a lot about Candiworld already!

TF: Well, I did my research *winks*. Would you be able to tell me who I could get in touch with for those tours?

ST: Oh, um, sure. Chip is the head of the Hersh Chocolate Guild and Caddie is head of 'Bury.

TF: *writing on notepad furiously* Why, thank you so much. You are just too... Sweet.

ST: Oh, you're welcome.

TF: Well, I should really be going. So long. Don't forget to floss!

ST: Oh, well, thank you for- *door slams* That was... Interesting.

So, uh, there you have it. Everything you need to know about Candiworld's latest visitor. She's the Tooth Fairy and, uh, she likes teeth. Ground-breaking journalism, we know.


Stay sweet!

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