The Secret of Lijuan

Lijuan has been keeping a huge secret... And now, she needs your help.

Many, many moons ago, 12 animals were to meet with the zodiac guardian. Each of the 12 animals would bring luck and wealth to those who seek it. At this meeting, the pig was the last to show up. Along the way it ate and napped... And ate.... And napped.. And ate... Well, you get the picture. After this meeting, the guardian created the legendary zodiacs consisting of 5 elements: wood, fire, water, metal and earth. The legendary zodiacs sleep for 12 years at a time and wake when called upon to keep balance and ward off evil.

Legend has it that every century, someone holds the power of the guardians. When yin and yang are out of balance, the power shifts and mayhem ensues.

Fast forward to today... Our guardian and protector is Lijuan.

With all the pigs on the run and out of control, Lijuan is feeling dizzy and weak. The legendary pigs that are supposed to stick together are all separated. The longer they are missing, the more we risk losing Lijuan and her power.

She's putting her trust in YOU to bring the pigs back and restore balance.

Search the Family Farm; the legendary pigs couldn't have gotten too far.