The Season of UnikZ

Get ready to fly, Woozens!

We have two brand-new, gravity-defying UnikZ for you!

Available now in ShopZ is the Bat Body UnikZ! Fly around your Unitz and cause mayhem for unsuspecting Woozens. We won't say you're basically Batman, but... You're basically Batzen! You have until 12PM WT on Friday, October 12th to collect this UnikZ from ShopZ.

Also... The witching hour has begun! Our next Mystery GrabZ will launch in a few weeks and we're giving you the chance to get the UnikZ early. The theme will obviously be Halloween (are you ready?) and the UnikZ is a Flying Witch Body! With this UnikZ, you'll be whizzing around Unitz in no time! Will you use it to save your school? Fight some evil? Or just casually soar around Woozworld? It's up to you! Just don't let non-magic folks see ya ;)

Starting today (Friday, September 28) until Tuesday, October 9th at 12PM WT, you will receive 1 Witch Body UnikZ when you purchase a sum of 5,500 Wooz from the Woozworld Store. There's a maximum of 1 UnikZ per Woozen.

Get going Woozens and fly, fly FLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY!

Your Bewitching Woozband