The Queen of Woozmas is HERE!

The Queen of Woozmas is here to play a game...

We don't really know much about Mariah Wooz (like, what does she do during the rest of the year?), but EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. She comes back with an instant chart topping Woozmas song that goes straight to the top as soon as December hits.

Some say that she has friends in high places (yeah Camilla, we are looking at you!) that always guarantee her songs will be playing around Woozworld. Her fame got so big that she had to get some security to walk around, and he kinda looks familiar... we've seen him before, right?

But this year will be different! With Woozmas Next Superstar going on, we need to give every single Woozen the chance to become the next Superstar! So if Mariah wants to play, let's give her a fair fight! How about... the Queen of Woozmas against... All Woozens!

Every time she shows up in Woozwolrd, we will let you know via an on-screen message. Woozens can gather and tell her a few truths, or maybe just have a dance-off? Truly just work together by clicking/tapping on her as fast as you can. The Woozen that gives her that final click/tap will receive a free Woozmas GrabZ item.

Keep the Woozmas music alive, Woozens!

Woozworld Staff