The Punisher's Sister: Xantarra

Hi Woozen friends,

Hi there, I'm Xantarra Zeex from Zyxalar and I'm excited to say that I'm starting my first week in Woozworld!

Hello there, you may not be familiar with me, but perhaps you've heard of my brother Zon'arr, also known as The Punisher.

I believe he should have stuck with that nickname, it's pretty cool. After all, who wouldn't want to be known as The Punisher instead of just Zon'arr?

My brother sent me to spend time with the Woozens who helped him return to our home planet from Zyxalar.

He's being an overprotective big brother and wants me to learn a thing or two, or maybe even twenty.

He suggested I get a job with Miss Miraje and take an intergalactic studies course in Colony VI.

However, since he is not paying attention, maybe we could have some fun.

I've heard that you all enjoy going on missions, doing catwalks, and playing games, and I am also eager to participate in these activities!

Perhaps I can discover my mission just like my brother did. Is there a catchy nickname that comes with it? Are those called titles?

I think Lady Punisher suits me well, don't you agree?

That's all for now. How should I end this blog? Perhaps I'll just say "goodbye." Hmm, that's very boring.

I need to come up with a catchphrase or something more exciting.

That's a great idea! Would you be willing to assist me in creating a sign-off catchphrase phrase for the end of my blog posts?

You can share your top suggestions with me by clicking on this link HERE.

For now...

[Insert sign-off catchphrase here, hihi]