The NationZ of Fest

My dear Woozens!

WNS this year has been challenging, but it has exceeded our expectations with your talent. You excelled in singing, video editing, unitz design, and even outfits!

I hope you're proud of yourselves because I am!

Without further ado, here are our NationZ winners!

Lib Street - JailenSlays

Mystic Alley - x3-Fashion-x3

HollyWooz - Cindriella

Colony VI - LefterisGreek

Cortoza - dina-forever

Your efforts and determination have paid off!

You'll receive 50,000 Wooz, a golden frame featuring the NationZ Fest Logo, a special title, a stylish profile theme, and a one-of-a-kind PoseZ and trophy to match!

Be sure to keep your outfits on for at least 1 hour after the event.

The top 20 artists from each NationZ will receive rewards such as 10,000 Wooz, a unique title, and a profile theme.

Take care!