The Lost Kingdom

Hellooooooo adventurers!

By now, you've definitely heard about the Lost Kingdom, but what do you really know about it? You know that it was a kingdom and that it was presumably lost at some point, but there's much more to it than that.

Let's get into it, shall we?

The Pharoah XerxeZ (you might have heard about him before) ruled over the Xerxian Kingdom peacefully for years. He was known as a generous and fair ruler and he was deeply admired. XerxeZ subjects lived well and they were happy.

That was until...


KhuZu, at one time, was XerxeZ's best friend. They did everything together...Until XerxeZ became Pharaoh. Being a Pharaoh is, understandably, very demanding. KhuZu became resentful of his best friend and his Pharaoh duties. XerxeZ was incredibly generous with his subjects and this only made KhuZu more angry, bitter and jealous. He could tell that his friend would go down as one of the best pharaohs there ever was...And he wanted to change that.

KhuZu developed a plan to kidnap XerxeZ, overthrow the kingdom, and rob the subjects of all their most-valued possessions and treasures. KhuZu would then lock the take over the kingdom, keep XerxeZ as a prisoner and lock the possessions and treasures away in a tomb. Only...Things didn't go exactly as planned.

No one is sure of exactly what happened, but both XerxeZ and KhuZu disappeared forever, along with all of the civilians' possessions. The kingdom fell into ruin, thus becoming known as the Lost Kingdom. Historians say that the Lost Kingdom still exists and that a tomb there holds all the lost treasures, but no one has been able to locate it...

Until now.

Will you discover the secrets of the Lost Kingdom?

Walter and Sharifa will let you know when it's safe to explore, so be at the ready!

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