The Greenhouse Incident

Green Woozens,

It's your green thumb friend, Basil. I'm back with a fantastic update!

I'm sorry I've been so slow to update you, not only did we experience a significant meteor shower on my farm, but a meteor hit my greenhouse where I was storing my beloved Monstera seeds. Absolutely no plants were harmed, don't worry.

At first, I didn't notice something was different and just planted a few seeds, but after a few hours I was blown away! I'm no expert, but this isn't a regular plant by any means... It's a BestiZ!

And look how adorable they are, with their lil' roots scurrying around. Plus they dance! Plants just love music... and so do I.

Since you were so brilliant in the repotting operation, maybe you're ready to take on a plant that needs more nurturing and love. I've made Monstera seeds available in ShopZ today. Plant these seeds just like you would for any other type, but please be aware that they require more watering to ensure they stay healthy and beautiful!

When the Monstera is harvested, it may have a chemical reaction to the Woozworld atmosphere (a side effect from the meteor), causing some unique looks I've never seen before. Plant them and see which kind of Monstera BestiZ you'll get!

Be attentive to the ones with all the teeth... they have a slightly different appetite and are "extremely" rare, lovable, and friendly (when well-fed). To celebrate, you can adopt a Monstera Carnivora directly from me and I will throw in some crowns for them to wear. They may be a bit scared... So you also get a Monstera Carnivora Head for you to wear proudly as their caregiver.

Have a bountiful harvest, Woozens.


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