The Great Hoppening 2023

Easter Woozens,

It's time for the Egg hunt!

This year, we're bringing your favorite eggs, but with a twist!

Eggs will spawn all around Mystic Alley, and if you find one, you'll need to catch it before anyone else and win a mini-game!

For each mini-game you win, you'll get Easter Eggs that you can exchange for a free GrabZ, and even guarantee you a Rare or Epic Item.

And after you collect many, many, maaaaaany eggs, you'll also win a unique Achievement + Title!

The Egg Hunting will start today (04/04) and will last until Tuesday (04/11), so don't waste time, go find some eggs, and don't let any of them fall out of the basket!

Have an Egg-ceptional hunt, Woozens!

Woozworld Staff.

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