The Grand Debut: Woozworld's Debutantes

Esteemed Woozens,

As you know, the race for the Prom crown has already begun, but a very different race is about to start. However, this time other Woozens are participating. Some new arrivals will be making their debut in the high society of Woozworld and need your support to earn the title of Best Debutant.

Introducing six Woozens from three Woozworld nations:

From Mystic Alley, we have:

-Penelope of Mysteria Lanes. Born under the sign of Cancer, she is a very sweet young lady and an animal lover. Known for her intelligence and extensive knowledge of every book in Woozworld.

-Candice of Sunnyside. Born under the sign of Gemini, she is a lifelong friend of Penelope and comes from one of the most historic families in Woozworld. She exudes class, and her loyalty to friends is one of her greatest virtues.

From Cortoza, we have:

-Edwin of Cortoza Manor. Born under the sign of Leo, he is very popular in his circle. His parents have greatly contributed to making their nation what it is today. He is known for his generosity and openness to people.

-Anthony of Cortoza Harbor. Born under the sign of Scorpio, he is much more laid-back and enjoys life. He understands hard work and treats everyone equally. Despite his noble background, he does not believe in hierarchies.

Lastly, from Hollywooz, we have:

-Chet of Hollywooz Square. Born under the sign of Virgo, he is quite the party-goer but also very helpful. He assists his sister and family greatly and always strives to protect those he loves.

-Daphnee of Hollywooz Square. Born under the sign of Aries, she lives with her brother Chet and their parents. She is very charming and always expects the best from others, though she is sometimes disappointed.

These are the six young debutants who will be introduced through official channels and for whom you will be able to vote as the best debutante. However, we highly recommend getting to know them well first.

Stay tuned to your Quest Journal for when the voting starts, and you can choose your favorite debutant.

Do not be swayed by mere gossip.

Woozworld Staff

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