The Elephant Safari Furniture Line

Elephant-lovin' Woozens,

It's time to pack up your cottage gear and throw all that junk in the... trunk *badum-tss*

As you know, this August we're celebrating World Elephant Day in a BIG way!

To celebrate this fan-tusk-tic holiday, we're introducing a gorgeous new furniture line that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime! Introducing: The Elephant Sanctuary Furniture Line!

Not only is there a gorgeous new furniture line for your sanctuaries, but there are also a ton of awesome accessories for your Elephant BestiZ!

We wanna see you design an ele-gant and ele-vated elephant sanctuary for everyone's fave gentle giants. Check out the Contests section of the Navigator to find out how you can design your very own elephant sanctuary and take us on an elephant safari!

You can also get your hands on all your fave Elephant BestiZ AAAAND a brand new Elephant BestiZ with TUSKS!

Not only that, we wanna know juuuuust how much you know about elephants. Keep your eyes peeled for the Elephant Day Quiz and show off all the relephant facts you know ;P

Make your way to ShopZ and get your hands on all things elephant!