The Eggs Never Stop

L'eggendary Woozens,

Easter is this weekend and we're overly excited about the chocolate and egg hunts. In Woozworld, you can do your egg hunt in Mystic Alley.

On top of this, we have a brand new animated deadbunn1 head for you (as is Woozworld Easter tradition).

From Friday, April 7 at 10 AM WT to Tuesday, April 12 at 10 AM WT, for every 2,500 Wooz you get from the Woozworld Store, you will receive a legendary egg. You can use this egg to trade for deadbunn1 heads, Wooz, Beex, Color Tokens, Guaranteed RARE and EPIC Easter GrabZ, an egg-dropping Arcade, and more. Each account will only receive a maximum of 10 legendary eggs.

Get cracking and trade in your eggs!

Woozworld Staff