The Dawn: What We Know So Far

Cortoza-loving Woozens,

As many of you know, Cortoza has received an iiiiincredible revamp! But did you also know that there's something... Strange going on there?

Those of you who met with Philip learned that Cortoza's Royal Guard was conducting an investigation of sorts. Trying to get any information from the guards was pretty hard, though. Not only were they tight-lipped, but some of them were rude, too (not to mention a little scary.)

One guard, however, was a little more helpful... For a price.

Urso, the newest member of Cortoza's Royal Guards had misplaced his lantern (on his first day!) and needed help finding it. In exchange for help finding it, Urso let slip what the Royal Guards are investigating.

Now... Urso didn't let much slip (it was his first day, after all) but the information he let slip was still pretty... Interesting.

Turns out Cortoza's Royal Guards are investigating a group called "The Dawn." Mysterious, right? What's really weird is what they're apparently trying to do: bring sunlight back to nocturnal Cortoza. We don't know where they came from or what their motives are, but we hope to find out soon.

Will you help us learn more about The Dawn? If you think you're brave enough, be sure to keep an eye on your Quest Journal for further instructions.

In the meantime, keep exploring the new and improved Cortoza... But, be careful.

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