The Curse of the Tomb of the Lost Kingdom

Brave adventures! Sharifa has found out more about the tomb and the curse that haunts it. There's a LOT to go through, so buckle up and read on!

KhuZu DID kidnap XerxeZ and he DID rob the civilians and he DID lock their possessions in a tomb. The tomb was also where he planned to keep XerxeZ. See, KhuZu wanted to make it seems as though XerxeZ had stolen the civilians' treasures and absconded with them. Then, according to KhuZu's plan, he would swoop in, "find" ZerxeZ "hoarding" treasures in the tomb and return them to their rightful owners, all the while keeping XerxeZ locked up. KhuZu would then, of course, become pharaoh and live happily ever after.

But, as we know, that's not what happened.

XerxeZ put up a real fight when they got to the tomb and, in the commotion, XerxeZ ended up getting out, but KhuZu was left locked in the tomb. Each of them cursed the tomb and the combination had an interesting effect. KhuZu could never leave and XerxeZ would never be able to find the tomb again.

XerxeZ tried to take his role as Pharaoh back, but his story was so wild that no one believed him. Without being able to find the tomb, XerxeZ had no evidence of KhuZu's crimes and, therefore, became the prime suspect. He was banished from the kingdom and was never seen or heard from again.

KhuZu remained trapped in the tomb, his anger growing and growing. Eventually, he placed another curse upon the tomb and... Upon himself. He would remain in the tomb for an eternity, but not in his human form. He would haunt the tomb and anyone who dared to touch any of the tomb's contents.

Sooooo, as long as no one touches anything in the tomb, everything should be fine.

Wait, what? Oh... Oh, no.

Stay safe, Woozens. And be brave.