The Cupid Twins Strike Again

BestiZ-loving Woozens,

The cutest flying twins are back and soaring the skies better than ever before!

You may recognize these flying twins Cupid and Odi...But don't let appearances fool you. Just because these two cuties are twins, does NOT mean they have the same personality or taste in pizza toppings.

Come to think of it...they aren't alike at. all.

Cupid looooooves to spread the love and bring Woozens together. Odi, on the other hand, is more into creating a wedge between Woozens...A big fan of spreading single vibes. The two have been competing since they could remember. Surprisingly, they do not let their opposing views cause a rift between the two of them, they are still siblings, after all! They just love a good friendly competition!

Cupid and Odi have made their way back to Woozworld just in time for Valentine's Day...AND they have learnt some awesome new tricks. They have learned to fly AND shoot their very own arrows from their bows!

Are you all about spreading the love or spreading the single vibes this Valentine's Day? Whatever you're feeling, you can now adopt a BestiZ that reflects your #mood and give them a lovely new home!

With love,

Woozworld Staff