The Case of the Missing Nutcracker

Jolly Woozens,

Woozdovia needs your help!

The charming little village's Woozmas play is in jeopardy! All those involved in it are in a BIT of a panic... The play's main character, the Nutcracker, has stopped showing up to rehearsals! This is completely out of his usual dependable character, so his cast mates are justifiably concerned.

The Woozdovians have heard that Woozens are pretty good at solving mysteries, so... Do you think you could help them out and save their Woozmas play?

You see, the Sugar Plum Fairy (Sugar for short) found something she thinks might be connected to the Nutcracker's disappearance, but she's not sure what to do. This would be when you swoop in and save the play for everyone... Right?

If you think you're up for the challenge of locating the Nutcracker, keep an eye on your Quest Journal! Sugar will be in contact with you soon.

Good luck and stay jolly!

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