The Camp of Descendants

Woozlympus Woozens!

Are you ready to be a hero? The mighty gods are searching for their descendants, you could be one of them!

Head to Miss Miraje and prepare to answer some crucial questions.

Your responses will determine your destiny in this divine competition, so make sure you answer accurately!

Do you come from the lineage of ArtemiZ, the sovereign of Mystic Alley? It's where magic fills the air and everything is vibrant and enchanting.

It's a haven for those with peaceful hearts and curious minds.

Perhaps you are a descendant of Zapollo, ruler of Lib Street, in the NationZ of the Glorious Sun. Joy, friendship, and fun are ubiquitous here, in a place for the spirited and the brave.

Are you possibly a descendant of HadeZ, the ruler of Cortoza, the NationZ of Dark and Mystery? This is a world where romance and creativity are hidden in the most beautiful shadows.

It serves as a haven for artists and romantics.

Are you related to DionyZes, the ruler of Hollywood? This is the Nation of Eternal Fest, where every day and night is a never-ending luxurious party, filled with style and glory.

It's the perfect place for those who want to celebrate life with their friends.

Don't wait any longer!

Miss Miraje will reveal secrets about you that you might not even know yourself,

So, go ahead and explore your destiny! Join her here!

If you still need more info about each gods, we got you!

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