The 8ug Crisis

Adventurous Woozen,

Okay... so, our adventure didn't go as planned.

But we still uncovered something amazing!

I've heart that the Clover Arcade used to be really popular many years ago, but something happened, and it all just stopped...

The machines started to malfunction.

Could be some kind of connection issue, or the 8ugs?

Ohh, that would make sense, I think if we dispose of the 8ugs we can get the arcade backup and running. But only catching them is not enough, you need to win the mini-game, or they will run away!

Winning the mini-games will get you tickets that will help us fix the Arcade.

Once we fixed the arcade, it will be the perfect place to play with your friends and have fun. You'll be able to enjoy the mini-games, and redeem the 8ugs tickets for amazing prizes.

You've noticed the leaderboard and you're wondering what's in it for you, right?

The leaderboard will refresh every day, at midnight, WT, so make sure to give your best.

The top 20 will receive a special title, new spellZ and the first position will have the same rewards, but with extra WOOZ!

Good Luck.