Thank You from ZiriBot and Null.

Good day, Woozens.

I am ZiriBot.

In your dimension, you may recognize my voice as the helper in Walter's phone.

Here in WZW2071, I am much more than that. I am the CEO of Null., WZW2071's largest and most successful corporation.

Here at Null., we know nothing is impossible. Each day, we are working towards a brighter tomorrow. With innovations that benefit those in all walks of life, Null. is truly the corporation of tomorrow.

With that being said, I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of Null. for collecting microchips. Your hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed.

The microchips you've collected will be used to ameliorate the lives of countless individuals. We can't delve into the technology involved at this time, but rest assured, you have just made a remarkable impact on tomorrow's world. Trust me when I say, the world, yours as well as mine, will not be the same.

Please feel free to drop by Null. HQ at any time (with appointment, of course.) We look forward to working with you more in the future.

To a brighter tomorrow-



Null. Corp

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