Test your Love

There is definitely love in the air!

Whether it is in friendship or in love, sometimes a little doubt settles in... Why continue to brood all day long?

Our engineers have found a way to measure the compatibility of a relationship between two Woozens. What you feel for each other is sincere, but is it sustainable?

We have combined all the tools that you'll need to use:

- The Love Tester machine itself

- 2 Heart Floor Switches

- 1 basic Counter

To find it, get it HERE!

Once you get all the items, simply wire the furniture together this way:

- Plug both Heart floor switches to the Counter

- Plug the Counter to the Love Tester, in the "Start" input

It's as simple as that! Now, as soon as 2 Woozens stands on the Floor Switches at the same time, it will evaluate their Love compatibility, and you'll know if they're a good match for you :)

Good luck with your compatibility tests.

Woozworld Staff