Super Snacks

Hey Woozens!


We recently asked you to let us know what your fave snacks were! We drooled the entire time while reading all of your entries.


Here are the most popular snacks that you guys love to chow down while watching the Super Bowl!



Chips? Good. Cheese? Good. Salsa? GOOOOD! What's not to like?? Nachos are a real people pleaser, easy to make, and also so delicious! Not into eating meat? No problem! You can definitely make a veggie plate of nachos. It's simple - Just don't add meat! Stick to the classics like hot peppers, olives, onions, tomato, and we can't forget avocado! Wanna go the extra mile and make it vegan? SIMPLE! Use some shredded vegan cheese instead!



I mean...........WHO doesn't love pizza?! Pizza is the most versatile food out there! You can have allllllll kinds of types of pizza. Add any toppings you want - Pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, bacon, maybe pineapple if you're into that sort of nonsense! Make sure to make a pizza with veggies for your vegetarian friends! Wanna make it vegan? Top it off with your shredded vegan cheese from your nacho plate! 


Chips with Bean Dip

Layers, layers, layers! Bean dip has got a layer for everyone! You could have a layer of sour cream, guac, onions, peppers, ground beef, maybe even a layer of bacon bits to top it off! If you wanna keep it meat free, just skip that layer and add a veggie treat, try corn or olives! Got some vegans in the house? You know what to do! A whole layer of vegan cheese... MMMmmmMMMmmmMMMmmm...


Buffalo wings

So. Many. Flavours. To choose from! Are you a sauce boss?! If you are, you'll definitely loooooove some honey garlic, hot, BBQ, Teriyaki, or sweet and sour wings! If you're not much of a sauce boss, you can always go for the classic salt & pepper, Montreal steak spice, or even garlic and parm! Not a meat lover? Swap those wings for some cauliflower! 


Jalapeno Poppers

MmmmMmmmmMmmmmm.... A snack that really POPS! Add a little spice to your party with some deeeelicious jalapeno poppers! This go-to snack can be modified in so many ways to make sure that everyone is happy and nobody is left hungry! This veggie snack is amazing to begin with, but if you're a meat lover, try wrapping your jalapeno popper in bacon for extra deliciousness. Vegan? No problem! Make your jalapenos POP with some vegan cheese - We recommend cashew cheese! Trust us, you won't be sorry! 


While all the snacks above are amazing, we also discovered a few new and unique snacks that had us drooooooooooling! Check out these delicious snacks that we can't WAIT to try!


Ice Cream Dip

Crush up ice cream cones and dip them in your fave ice cream flavour. Are you serious? Yes please!! 


Spaghetti Tacos 

We have so many questions...


Bacon Wrapped Pineapple 

Bacon wrapped anything is delicious, tbh.


Avocado Toast with Chocolate Chunks 

Why stop at chocolate? Add some nuts or pretzels!


Potato Chip Salad 

Take all of your fave flavours and toss them in a bowl together... It's a salad, so it's healthy, right?!


Are you drooling yet?!

Hopefully you'll get some snack inspo for your next party! Let us know which delightful snacks you end up making this weekend by tagging us in a pic on Insta!

Thanks, Woozens!