Super Host 2k23

Event Loving Woozens,

Organizing events can be challenging, but it's also incredibly enjoyable! At Woozworld, we understand that you devote a lot of passion and effort to crafting memorable experiences for the entire community.

We appreciate the hard work you put in every day, so we have decided to reward event creators monthly.

Are you a Super Host? If yes, all you have to do is create your event and capture pictures of people having fun in your unitz while participating in the event.

If you're 13 or older, feel free to send a video showcasing your event's highlights. Just be sure to keep the participants' identities private and follow Woozworld's code of conduct.

Send it right HERE until July 31. Super Host will receive a complete Super Host package (Monthly title, profile skin, and Symbz)

You have the ability to make changes to your submission until the last day of the month. Simply access PodZ again and replace your old picture with the new one.

There'll be a Super Host contest every month!

Here is the rule to achieve the Super Host Title and gratifications:

-Your Event must have taken place between July 6 and July 31. 

-In order for your event to qualify, it is necessary to have a minimum of 20 Woozens participating.

- Your Event must be registered with a Selfie

- Describe your Event in a short text and include the date and the hour it happened.

- Your Event must be a Hangout, Catwalk, Party, or Game (no shops, no gambling unitz…)

- The Event must happen in a UnitZ that belongs to you

- We will check if the event was real.

- The Profile Skin and SymbZ will be the same every month, but the title will be updated monthly.

Giving away a prize during your event is not mandatory, and it will not increase your chances of winning.

Good luck, and may your guests be the happiest!