Strong women who inspired us.

Hello Woozworld

March 8th is International Women's Rights Day.

So this week, we ask you to dress as a strong woman who inspires you.

It is because of those who stood up for a better future that we are so lucky today.

The work began many years ago, but still requires perseverance.

Whether they are characters from books, TV shows or famous people.

Stand out by showing your support for these women who are not afraid or have not been afraid to stand up for equality.

Not only the look will count. You will also have to create a scene to put your character in context!

Please read the rules before sending your photo.

- You must be the only Woozen in the photo

- Don't forget to create a scene to put your character in context.

- Respect the code of conduct.

- Respect the theme of the contest.

- If the rules are not respected, the participation will be disqualified

You can send your selfie HERE.

The Winners will get 5000 wooz, 250 000 beex, an achievement+title and will have their photos posted on a blog on March 8!

Good luck!

Woozworld Staff

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