Strike a PoseZ

Hey Woozworld Artists,

Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through your camera roll to find the perfect PoseZ for your selfie or to show off your style? Well, here's an exciting opportunity for you! You can now create your own unique PoseZ and make your mark in Woozworld's history books!

Unleash your creativity by piecing together the parts of an exploded avatar to create a unique PoseZ that reflects your style.

You can either use the provided Exploded Avatar as the base for your PoseZ or draw it.

TWO fortunate winners will be chosen based on their creativity.

They will have the opportunity to turn their PoseZ into a reality in Woozworld and will receive a prize of 10,000 Wooz.

Get ready to showcase your creative talent, and your imagination and create a PoseZ that will be remembered by Woozens everywhere!

Good luck!


- Use the provided Exploded Avatar as the base for your PoseZ or draw it yourself.

- Feel free to give your PoseZ a cool name, but make sure to include your Woozen name in it.

- Keep your PoseZ static (no moving parts).

- You can add specific accessories like a basketball or lollipop and try out different hand gestures.

- Make sure your submission follows the Woozworld code of conduct.

- Submit your creation here, by March 15 at 3 p.m. W.T.