Stay Safe Online!

If you ever have doubts about your online safety, you can check here for tips!



  • Bullying is the use of verbal, physical, social or behavioral abuse to make someone feel inferior.
  • Name-calling, threatening, insulting, spreading rumors, making threats, and 'ganging up' on someone are all forms of bullying.
  • Bullies often focus on one aspect of someone that makes them 'different', such as their race/ethnicity, sexuality or gender identify, religion or beliefs, appearance, or abilities. We need to remember that all people are unique. Making fun of anyone on the basis of these traits is considering bullying and, in many cases, hate speech.
  •  Teasing your friends or 'trolling' is not necessarily bullying, but it can become bullying. 'Trolls' annoy to get a reaction, friends tease for fun, but bullies cause a someone to feel inferior. While no one likes a troll, it's better to ignore them and go on about your day.



  • When setting up a password, make sure it isn't easy to guess. Use CaPiTaLiZaTiOn and num3rical or spec!al characters to make your password extra-secure.
  • Using a valid email address for your Woozworld account will make resetting your password much simpler should you ever need to do so.
  •  No Woozworld moderator or Woozband member will ever ask for your password, and neither will a real friend. NEVER give out your password!



  • If somone has scammed you in trade, please report them via the report tool. The moderation team cannot return lost items or currency, but they can suspend that user for fraudulent behavior.
  • Websites that promise free Wooz, Beex, Preztige, clothing or anything else in Woozworld are fraudulent. They cannot give you Woozworld items, and usually they are trying to steal your password.
  •  Never EVER give out your password or other account information!
  • As long as you don't give out your account information, no one can steal your info or "hack" your account. You should report anyone that claims to "hack" for fraudulent behavior.
  • Woozworld does not allow the selling, trading, or buying of accounts. Your account could be banned for any of these actions.

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  • Any information about you, your whereabouts, and your appearance are YOUR personal information and should not be shared. This includes your full name, your school's name, your phone number, and your social media profiles.
  •  Do not post any photos videos showing yourself in real life online.
  •  Do not agree to video chat or call someone that you met online.
  • If someone repeatedly asks you for your personal information and makes you feel uncomfortable, please report them so that the moderation team can investigate.

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  • If you see behavior that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, report it! Use the report tool so that our moderation team can investigate the situation.
  • If you block a Woozen, they will not be able to post on your Wallz or send you private chat (PC).
  •  Everyone is entitled to their opinions, as long as their language and behavior remains appropropriate (i.e., no vulgar language or rudeness towards anyone that disagrees). Don't report someone for disagreeing with you.
  • Moderators review all reports, so if you haven't behaved inappropriately, you won't be punished. Additionally, submitting false reports can lead to a suspension of your own account.
  • If you've lost access to your account, you can contact Customer Service here.

Have fun and play safe!

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