Star of the Week Update

Star of the Week-Loving Woozens,

We've got something special in the works for you!

We are currently working on a new update for everyone's favorite selfie contest...The Star of the Week!

Of course, we cannot give away anything juuuuuust yet...But, we KNOW you'll love being part of the judges' roundtable!

In the meantime, we are going to put the Star of the Week contest on pause for the next few weeks while we put together this awesome new update!

Fear not! You will still be able to show off your superstar style with the Outfit of the Week Selfie Contest! For this contest, we will ask you to throw together a super stylish outfit using the new outfits, and we will be multiple winners, buuuut there will not be a trophy. Of course, you will still receive plenty of sweet, sweet Wooz!

Check out the Contests section of the Navigator to find out when you can enter the Outfit of the Week Selfie Contest!

The new update is coming soon, so keep an eye out for a blog with all the details!


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