Squirlin's Untold Story

Greetings, Woozens!

Pleased to meet ya! I'm Squirlin.

I'm Merlin's (yes, that Merlin) lesser-known younger brother. I know, I know, you probably wanna know alllll about my brother, but today I wanna tell you a bit about SQUIRLIN!

Growing up in my older brother's shadow wasn't always easy. Being considered a second-rate wizard can really take a toll on a kid, you know? Plus... The name. I tried not to let it get to me too badly, though. I actually really looked up to Merlin when we were younger! I wanted to be just like my brother, but unfortunately for me, he didn't want that at all.

Merlin wanted to be the star of the family. He couldn't stand me trying to follow in his footsteps. He would go out of the way to make sure I didn't learn from him... Once he even burned his own book collection and set all of his frogs loose! All so little Squirlin wouldn't learn any of his "secrets."

Merlin kept me, his own flesh and blood, at a safe distance just so he could maintain his reputation as the best wizard in Mystic Alley. Eventually, he even banished me to live on the other side of Mystic Alley. I was not to contact him at all. He wanted complete solitude so he could pour all of his energy into being the absolute best. The thing is, though...

The power made him cray-cray.

Even before he banished me, Merlin was arguably the best, most powerful wizard in Mystic Alley. Afterwards... He reached powers untold. It wasn't enough for him to be the best, though, and he craved more power.

That's when it began: Merlin's true descent into madness... And Cursed Magic.

Cursed Magic is the most powerful of all magics... But it's also the most dangerous. Sadly, with Merlin's strive for perfection and power, I wasn't totally surprised that he delved into Cursed Magic... But I didn't want it to continue.

I decided to form a plan of action to help my brother. I knew it wouldn't be easy, so I trained for months, honing my skills, in preparation for what I was sure would be an epic battle.

And an epic battle it was! An epic battle that I, unfortunately, did not walk away as a winner.

Instead, I walked away a squirrel.

Yes, you read that right.

My brother, mad with power, turned me into a squirrel. He likes to say he doesn't know what happened... That we were battling it out and all-of-a-sudden -POOF- I was a squirrel. But, let me ask you, Woozens, why would I turn mySELF into A SQUIRREL???


My life as a squirrel has not been without its challenges... But I don't like to focus on the negatives. Instead, I try to focus on the positives, like the fact that I haven't seen Merlin since our battle! I hope I never lay eyes on him again. He's dead to me.

If you're smart, Woozens, you'll keep your distance, too. I mean, if Merlin is capable of turning his own brother into a squirrel, just think of what he would be capable of doing to a Woozen he doesn't know!

Merlin simply doesn't have the same reason you and I do... Consider me your proof.

[TL;DR: Merlin's a power-hungry, Cursed Magic-practicing maniac! Squirlin is a sweet lil squirrel wizard.]

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